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Animated Facebook Templates provides a wide range of high-class, unique, ready-made animated templates to personalize your Facebook page and make it truly memorable.

The difference in our templates, from those of our competitors, is that each of our templates for Facebook Pages includes our proprietary Page Transitions technology — AnimateHtml. This technology, invented and developed by our team increases the popularity and visibility of our clients’ pages to visitors, increasing repeat visits.

All of our products are immediately ready for integration into your website. Our templates for Facebook Pages can also be used with other HTML websites. Templates including audio and video players, picture galleries and sliders, will stay fully functional either applied or downloaded. Animated Facebook Templates allows you to download and save the source files of all your purchased items for even more customization, which is no more complicated than editing a regular HTML page. We do this to ensure that our customers have control over their templates and have no restrictions.

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