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Welcome to Animated Facebook Templates, the subdivision of WebSiteTuning

Animated Facebook Templates offers its clients a wide choice of high class ready-made animated html templates for Facebook iFrame Pages, improved by means of Page Transitions, which came possible thanks to the efforts of our specialists who were the first to develop a unique and outstanding AnimateHtml technology.

We can already supply our clients with a certain set of products, the range of which is not final and will be continuously updated with new, more sophisticated models, because we are definitely interested in advancing our AnimateHtml technology and we will do our best to provide it with decent support and develop it to ensure that our customers always receive issues of only the best quality.

Why using Animated Facebook Templates instead of others, offering similar services? Very easy! Remember that Animated Facebook Templates was the first, who came up with this technology, providing its customers with the ultimate 100% unique animated html templates for Facebook iFrame Pages, but still following the policy of low prices and maximum customer loyalty as well as the willingness to accommodate the customer`s concerns.

High-class, low price, best offer!

Customer Service Information

AFBtemplates.com is dedicated to producing and distributing ready-made animated html templates and provides its clients with the best html templates for Facebook iFrame Pages improved by Page Transitions based on a unique AnimateHtml technology.
AFBtemplates.com provides additional services such as:
- Template customization
- Installing and configuring Facebook Pages / Applications
- Custom Facebook pages design / development
- Web development
AFBtemplates.com is being committed to constant improvement of its services and the quality of offered products through the development and continuous perfection of provided technologies.