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Facebook Timeline: User Tips to Set This Up

Timeline is one of the newest features that Facebook is giving to its users, and many people are finding that they are eager to start working on this feature of their Facebook page. They are going to find though that if they are not careful that they can reveal things to people that they may [...]


Improvements to Facebook Chat

Facebook chat is one of those things that most people use throughout the day when they are logged onto Facebook as it takes less time to do this than it would to send an email or so forth. And for those that are frequent users of chat on Facebook, they usually have one thing that [...]


Facebook Games: The Top for 2011

With the close of 2011 coming at us within a few days, Facebook is one of those sites in which releases data from 2011 about the best games that they were offered and those that were played most often. The person will find that most people that are on Facebook have at one point played [...]


Facebook Timeline Feature

Facebook is becoming more advertiser friendly with many new features that are already in place, and some of those features that are going to be added in the New Year. However, for users of Facebook, they may find that some of their most favorite apps are something that is really using their personal information to [...]


Facebook Adding Ads in News Feed

Many people that use Facebook, find that they use this site as a way to get the news that they need at that exact moment. Starting at the beginning of 2012, they are going to find that there are going to be some changes to the news feed that they are seeing. They are still [...]