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Changes to Facebook Events

Most people know that Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, and they are going to find that with some changes that may be going into effect in the near future, it could be a way to get all your friends together for those spur of the moment parties or just to grab [...]


Facebook Helping to Prevent Suicide

The number of suicides that occur each year is staggering. And for many people they believe that these suicides could have been prevented in the majority of cases. For example, many people find that once the person has committed suicide that there were clear signs that pointed to the person having severe depression and contemplating [...]


Using Templates to Advertise Business on Facebook

Facebook has revolutionized the social media market. Now it is easier than ever to connect to those that you once went to school with or those old friends that you have lost connections with. The person will find that if they have a business that this can also be a way in which you can [...]


Mobile Devices and Facebook

It is now easier than ever to stay connected to those that are on your Facebook page through the use of Facebook on mobile devices. However, most people are unaware of just how this all works, and just how the person can use this from their mobile device. The person should realize that this works [...]


Increasing Business Through Facebook

Social media is something that is changing the face of business as we all know it. It used to be that people would rely on word of mouth and advertising such as billboards, ads in the paper, radio advertisements and so forth to get consumers into their business. However, those days have long past and [...]