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Facebook Like-Gates

If you notice each our template pack contains like.html file. We provide our customers with this page in case they want to add Like-Gates to their Facebook pages. That means each visitor has to click like button to access the actual website. This article describes how to implement this feature. 1) Download Facebook PHP SDK. [...]


Setting Facebook page height

Facebook can try to detect page height automatically. But usually it does not work properly. You can set page height in application settings or by adding some javascript code. For the second case open animate.html file and add the code below right before closing body tag (</body>): <div id=”fb-root”></div> <script src=””></script> <script> FB._https = true; [...]


Common problems with Facebook secure connections

Recently Facebook has been switched to secure connections. Now all pages and applications are loaded via https protocol. That caused lots of applications stop working. Below are listed the most popular problems and their fixes: 1) Secure browsing is not supported If you see this error that means you did not set Secure Canvas URL [...]


How to Edit Graphical Image Text using Adobe Photoshop

Recently we have received my letters of the users asking for a Graphical Image Text edition tutorial. It is strange that some users still don`t know how to do it as it is really easy to perform. First you need to start your Adobe Photoshop application and when it`s loaded go to File -> Open [...]


How to create a Custom Facebook Landing Page

Creating a Custom Facebook Landing Page or a Custom Page Tab is certainly the best way to present your business on Facebook. A cool and attractive landing page might be really helpful when you need to share some info about yourself or the business you are intending to submit. A nice Custom Facebook Landing Page [...]

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