Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How many page transitions do you have?

At the moment we have 7 great effects. They are:
Scanner, Butterflies, Bad Signal, Dispersion, Genie, Old TV, Flip All of them can be viewed on each template demo.
More page transitions coming soon

Q:Do page transitions work on iPhone / iPad?

The page transitions do not work on mobile devices. The pages will be displayed as regular html files on them.

Q:What is a buyout price?

If you buy a template with this price – we will remove it from our catalogue. No one else can buy this template anymore then.
Want to make such purchase – send us an email.

Q:I would like to have an admin panel to manage my pages content.

AFBtemplates can convert any template into WordPress theme. Need this additional service - send us an email.

Q:Are there any specific things I should know about Page Transitions to make them work?

Yes there are two things you should keep in mind:

1) When you setup a Facebook application in Tab URL field you need to enter absolute URL to animate.html file. For example

2) Once you made any changes to your html files you need to run Page-Transitions-Generator application which creates some required files for the page transitions. These files need to be uploaded to /ah-files/assets directory of your website.

3) If you have any dynamic elements on your pages (random quote, logged in user name, advertisement etc.) – add "ah_dynamic" css class to them.
For example: <span class="ah_dynamic">Welcome, AFBtemplates</span>

Q:Where can I get Page-Transitions-Generator application?

This software is included into each zip file of the purchased template. Please note you need to have Adobe AIR be installed on your computer to run this application.

Q:My Facebook page shows "Error 501 (net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE): Unknown error."

This problem happens in Chrome browser. There is only one solution for this issue – buy signed ssl certificate and install it on your server.

Q:Is it possible to choose which page transitions to be used on my website?

Yes. It is possible and very easy to do. Open animate.html file in any text editor. Find this line

AnimateHtml.useTransitions(["bad-signal", "genie", "butterflies", "dispersion", "old-tv", "flip", "scanner"]);

Remove page transitions you do not want to be used. For example the following code will set only "dispersion" and "genie" page transitions to be used:

AnimateHtml.useTransitions(["genie", "dispersion"]);

Q:Is it possible to set what page transition to use when specific link is clicked?

Yes it is possible. It can be done just by adding a css class to your link. The class has the following format ah_transition_<effect_name>
For example this link will start only "genie" effect:

<a href="home.html" class="ah_transition_genie">Home</a>

Q:I do not have ssl installed on my local server. Is it possible to turn off https - so I can test pages locally.

Yes, it is possible to do. Open animate.html file in any text editor. Find a line:


Add the following code right before the line above:

AnimateHtml.https = false;

Q:How can I change the icon in the page tab?

You need to create a facebook page by yourself. Please see this Tutorial for the details

Q:How can I change a page tab name?

Please see this Tutorial